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The Aquatic Chemistry group at UW Madison focuses on the formation and fate of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in water. These reactive species can be produced by photochemical reactions and by metal redox reactions and can lead to the transformation of aquatic pollutants. By studying these fundamental reaction mechanisms, our group aims to develop models and real world applications that can be used to improve water quality.

Group News

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22 January 2021

Congrats to Reid on successfully passing his preliminary exam! We couldn't follow our tradition of jumping in the lake to celebrate (it is Wisconsin in January, after all). Instead, we celebrated with a (socially distant, masks required) group ice skate.

4 September 2020

We aren’t getting to spend time together in person much these days, so that makes our annual Environmental Chemistry & Technology Program gathering extra special.

31 August 2020

We are pleased to welcome two new group members for Fall 2020. Emily Sellers will be co-advised by Dr. Martin Shafer and will study PFAS. Jenna Swenson is joining Team Manganese and will be co-advised by Prof. Matt Ginder-Vogel.

7 August 2020

Sarah Balgooyen’s final PhD paper is now out in the Journal of Environmental Quality. Check it out to learn more about how cations impact manganese oxide reactivity.

23 July 2020

Devon Bulman has a lot to celebrate in 2020. She has two new papers in Environmental Science & Technology, including one on disinfection by-product formation during chlorine photolysis and a second collaborative paper on chlorinated products in an electrochemical AOP. More importantly, she successfully defended her PhD dissertation. Congrats, Devon!

22 July 2020

Check out our new ES&T paper to find out about ozone reactivity with DOM. Working on this study and paper with Urs von Gunten during sabbatical was such a great experience. It was a great reminder of the challenges and triumphs of doing lab work, and I learned so much working with the Eawag team.

20 March 2020

Campus may be closed, but we are still working hard at home (and looking good on Zoom).

4 February 2020

Want to learn about PFAS and how they move in the environment? Check out the awesome video Wisconsin Sea Grant made about our PFAS project, featuring Dr. Sarah Balgooyen!

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